The 2nd CHINADA International Anti-Doping Symposium


In 2019, the 1st CHINADA International Anti-Doping Symposium was successfully held by CHINADA. Under the theme of “Anti-Doping Program in Major Events”, the symposium yielded positive results, won acclaim from 78 participants from WADA, ITA and NADOs around the world, and was highly commended by then WADA President, Sir Craig Reedie.

The 2nd CHINADA International Anti-Doping Symposium will be held from August 25 to 26, 2022. This year the symposium will be hosted by CHINADA and co-organized by the Anti-Doping Branch of the China Sport Science Society, and the theme will be “Innovation for Clean Sport”. In recent years, CHINADA has been pushing forward scientific and technological innovation to facilitate its anti-doping programs, working to keep itself at the forefront of global anti-doping science and technology. As one of the initiators of the DBS technology, CHINADA has fully participated in the international DBS project, acting as part of the decision-making body to set up rules and testing requirements, and joining research and development for testing technology and equipment. During the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, DBS testing, for the first time, was implemented as a routine testing method. In addition, to improve the automation of the doping control chain, the intelligence of data analysis and the precision of doping control, CHINADA has developed the China Anti-Doping Intelligent Management System (AIMS) based on big data and artificial intelligence, which has been successfully applied in the 14th National Games of China. With all these innovations, this symposium, under the theme of “Innovation for Clean Sport”, provides participants with a platform to share and exchange views on the latest development in anti-doping science and technology, thus furthering international cooperation and encouraging innovations in anti-doping programs worldwide.

This year’s symposium will be delivered in a hybrid format, with domestic speakers and CHINADA staff attending on site and international speakers and other attendees joining virtually via videoconferencing platform. Besides, the symposium will involve speeches and online discussions both. International attendees include guests from WADA, ITA, and NADOs in Asia and Oceania. Domestic participants are mainly guests from the General Administration of Sports of China and the anti-doping department of NFs, staff in provincial anti-doping organizations, and members of the Anti-Doping Branch of the China Sport Science Society. Among them, officials of the General Administration of Sports of China, President, Vice President and heads of relevant departments of WADA, Director General and heads of relevant departments of ITA, as well as other important guests will be invited.

The symposium will be held in three half-day parts, which will include one report, two panel discussions and three sessions, focusing on “NADOs Actions and Perspectives”, “Dried Blood Spot—From Idea to Practice”, and “Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Supporting Anti-Doping”.